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ArcGNO is a grass roots non-profit organization founded in 1953 and dedicated to promoting the independence and well-being of individuals with intellectual disabilities. We currently assist nearly 600 individuals in the five-parish metro New Orleans region. Our support services include in-home assistance, job coaching and placement, daytime community integration, and coordination of infant care and therapies. Central to our mission are social enterprises that provide work and real incomes to individuals who might otherwise be unemployed. The Mardi Gras Recycle Center is one of these enterprises. It funds over 80 market-wage year-round jobs while at the same time making Carnival a little more eco-friendly.

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Arc of Greater New Orleans works to secure for all people with intellectual disabilities opportunities to develop, function, and live to their fullest potential.


To create, through education, advocacy, and support, a greater New Orleans community that includes, accepts, and celebrates people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


ArcGNO provides a variety of services to individuals of all ages. We assist parents of infants (0-3 years) to find effective therapies and treatments. We help students explore their options for the future after high school. We provide job coaching and placement for those seeking employment, day activities that enable individuals to be active and integrated into the community,  and personal care attendants to assist with a variety of tasks in the home and around the community.

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